Health Ministry Documents

Info about Calorie Density as a way of eating more healthy foods.

1. Calorie Density (Basic)

2. Calorie Density by food group.

3 Calorie Density Breakouts

4. Calorie Density - Target Zone.

Here is info for Walk Proviso 3.0

Weekly Log

Monthly Log

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Exercise Guidelines

Walk Proviso Prayer suggestions. Pray for:

  1. The Villages we are highlighting each week.
  2. The civic leaders in the villages.
  3. The schools, both students and teachers.
  4. The people you pass on the streets you walk or the people beside you in the gym/exercise facility.
  5. The businesses in your community.
  6. The public servants: Police, Firefighters, EMT personnel, and more.
  7. For Hospitals: The Doctors and Nurses, the support staff and the patients.

We are open to suggestions and will pass them on to the other walkers.