Walk Proviso 2.0

"Walk Proviso 2.0" is a six week effort to be more intentional about exercise in order to give God our best.

The Walk has started and ends June 4, people will track their weekly miles (20 minutes of activity will equal a mile) and we'll tally all our miles at the end.

Last Fall we had 51 people totally more than 6000 miles.  This Spring our goal is 150 people and 18,000 miles!

SIGN UP still open! - send your name and weekly exercise goals to stpaulmp@yahoo.com Or sign up online.

Click here for weekly and monthly forms to log your exercise and for ongoing prayer requests.

There will be weekly devotions and specific prayer suggestions supplied each week. Let this be an opportunity for you to strengthen your health habits so we can love God with all our "heart, soul, strength and mind", and be best ready to serve our neighbor in Jesus' name.