Health Ministry

Thanks to a generous grant from the Westlake Foundation, Mark Schoepp will be working part time at St Paul focused on health and wellness ministry for both the church and surrounding communities.

The current health and wellness activies are:

1. Fitness and Nutrition classes. Begins Tuesday, April 3/18 from 10:30-11:30 at St Paul.

2. Programs at local Libraries:

1. Maywood, IL Public Library, Saturday March 3, Noon; Brain Gain - practical application of brain research for personal, family and community health.

2. Hillside, IL Public Library, March 8, 7:00 pm - The Brain and exercise; a practical look at the importance of exercise for strong brain function - for academic boosts and for reduction in negative behaviors.

3. Berkeley IL, Public Library, Tuesday March 13, 5:30; especially designed for children in K to 8th Grade, and their parents.ย  A practical look at current brain research and how it affects brain health and performance in school.

4. Berkeley IL Public Library, Saturday April 7, 1:00 pm; A practical look at current brain research and nutrition; how does what we eat affect our brain's ability to perform well and for the long haul.