Missions Supported

Each year the members of our congregation designate a number of mission agencies to receive financial support from us.  Supported missions range from local to global in scope and are selected because their primary purpose is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The following agencies are presently our designated recipients.  A brief description of each is given here, but for more detail we encourage you to use the links to their websites.

Center for Hispanic Studies - Concordia Seminary, St. Louis - This is a specialized program at the Seminary that helps identify and train ministers and lay workers with a special interest in reaching the Hispanic communities in our country.   hispanicstudiescenter 

Leif Camp Ministry in Russia - Rev. Leif Camp is a son of our congregation who has been working in Russia for over 20 years.  He receives no salary from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, but depends on gifts from congregations such as ours to meet his living expenses.  There is another fund that is designated to build a sanctuary for a congregation now meeting in a classroom.  Once a church is built they believe people will see them as a "real" church and be more ready to join their fellowship. 

Lutheran Child and Family Services - This social service agency provides adoption service, family counseling, and much other assistance to people without regard to race or religion.  Much of the service they provide is free or at minimal cost to the recipient.  Our donations are not only monetary but include items for distribution, especially at the start of the school year and at Christmas.  lcfs.org

Northern Illinois District - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod - This office serves to support 200+ congregations and schools plus new missions and satellite sites that span the 24 counties in the northern third of Illinois.  The personnel and resources include organizing conventions, providing advice on administrative topics, and helping to identify people who can assist in our ministry.  nidlcms.org

Salam Christian Fellowship - This is a very specialized ministry, right now carried out by Rev. Hicham Chehab.  salaamfellowship

Walther Christian Academy - Our financial assistance helps meet costs of operation beyond what tuition provides.   Because our campuses adjoin we are also able to provide use of our facilities for some events.  walther.com